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AS well as getting the best possible media coverage of your individual stories, we’ll encourage you to keep an eye out for trends and news within their industry.

We’ll pitch these as feature ideas to the journalists we know, suggesting they quote our clients as industry experts or commentators.

Journalists are likely to keep our clients in their contact books for occasions when they need industry reaction or commentary – such as when the Budget is announced.

On this occasion, estimating and procurement specialist, EPS, told us there was a serious shortage of bricks and other building materials. We passed this on to our Yorkshire Post property contact, who ran the story as a page lead, quoting the EPS director.

Look Lively Media spotted the potential for a story in the property press and got in touch with their contact, who used me as one of her key sources in a good-sized article.

– Danny Schofield, director, EPS Ltd
Quoted as Industry Expert

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