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Why a newsletter?

YOUR news – as long as it’s targeted and well written – will capture the interest of your customers and potential customers and will bring more business your way.

From monthly, illustrated eight-page newsletters to weekly five-point bullet emails, the key is to get the right mix of content to the right people.

And if you’re already producing stories as part of your PR and social media strategy, they’ll only need a tweak. It’s cost-effective to add newsletters to your marketing armoury.

Are you making enough noise about your business?

Making enough noise about your business?

newsletters need:

  • relevant stories
  • strong headlines
  • good images
  • tight language
  • no adverts
  • firm schedule



Internal Communications

IF you’re a sizeable organisation or you are spread geographically, excellent internal communications is a must. A regular newsletter – whether via intranet or hard copy – is super-effective. Don’t leave your staff out of the loop!


  • employee engagement
  • spread key information
  • improved customer service
  • higher retention rates

Why Look Lively Media for newsletters?

OUR clients say it’s a relief to have experienced journalists and copywriters on board to take care of their published content in this way.

Having written for daily newspapers for years, we know how to angle a story to entice people to read. We also know how to get a wealth of information into very few words – perfect for e-marketing!

Which suits your target market best?

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