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Why blog?

DON’T underestimate the knowledge you have of your products and sector!

Every minute of the day, potential customers are Googling questions that you may have the answer to. Share your industry insight, expertise and news in a brief but regular blog and pull customers to you, your website and your business.

Wise up – share your news and views

Wise up – share your news and views

the best blogs:

  • keep your website fresh and lively
  • bring customers to your website
  • enhance your reputation as expert
  • add a personal touch to your business
  • boost your SEO
  • create a buzz around your company


Why Look Lively Media for our blog?

WITH our daily news background, we make blog-writing fast, straightforward and effective.

With Look Lively Media, you’ll get

  • regular blog of high quality
  • schedule of blog topics
  • regular 10 min fact-finding session
  • reliable research
  • style suited to target market
  • keyword phrases for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


ARE you holding a conference with some top-notch speakers? With our reporting experience, we can cover it real-time for Twitter or a live blog or produce a punchy report for a newsletter.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to engage those who didn’t make the conference and to generate feedback from those who did.
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Why social media?

EVERY day millions of people sign up to a new social media platform. Facebook has 1.7m active users and WhatsApp has hit the 1bn mark. Twitter, with 313m active users has been surpassed by Instagram, which has 500m – a figure expected to double before too long. It might be Tumblr or Snapchat, or something we’ve never heard of. But it’s essential to use and impossible to ignore.

If used correctly, social media will provide your business with remarkable sales, public relations, referrals, customer services and market research rolled into one – on a large and instantaneous scale.

This is your opportunity to publish what you would like people to read and watch. But while these fabulous platforms are free of charge, they do require some time and expertise, which is why we suggest you give us a metaphorical call without delay.

Business is more sociable than ever

Business is more sociable than ever

use social media to:

  • fulfil business goals
  • attract new customers
  • conduct customer research
  • highlight your products
  • publish your news
  • answer customer questions
  • conduct customer research


Why Look Lively Media for social media?

FIRST of all, our background in journalism means we know all about engaging, topical, concise and accurate content – perfect for social media communication.

In addition, Look Lively Media uses a comprehensive digital toolkit to provide key analysis of what does and does not work for your brand in your marketplace. This is used to create a tailor-made social media strategy firmly tied to your business goals.

It’s vital to know what you’re doing with social media, or you may find you waste your valuable marketing budget barking up the wrong tree. We’ll save you time and money and get results.

Look Lively Media will:

  • analyse your marketplace
  • devise social media strategy with business goals at centre
  • identify your best social media channels
  • devise multi-media campaigns using creativity
  • use skilled storytelling to drive engagement
  • manage negative stories
  • monitor, evaluate and report
  • measure Return on Investment (ROI)

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